GCD Niche Report – Video Gaming

What’s inside The GCD Niche Report – Video Gaming:

Everything in the Basic report:

  • Our proprietary list of overused GPT words and phrases
  • Multiple prompting methods for getting distinct content
  • A starter spintax list for use with spinner services
  • Example Python code for text filtering and word replacement
  • Example Regex patterns

Plus much more in-depth data and analysis:

  • Niche term frequency analysis:
    The top 500 terms GPT uses when writing about Video Gaming. Don’t talk like a bot!
  • Topical frequency analysis:
    What topics GPT frequently chooses to write about within the niche
  • Readability metrics:
    Is GPT writing above your audience’s reading level?
Unfiltered N-gram Analysis
Terms shown are for example only, not from this specific niche

A GCD Niche Report is a powerful tool for differentiating your content from the competition. This is a data asset for those serious about SEO.

When GPT is asked to write about a topic repeatedly, patterns emerge. The same topics, similar headlines, the same sentences and phrases.

You need to know how GPT talks about your subject area or your content will sound like everyone else.

Download is a ZIP file containing a PDF report and an Excel file of data.