What the hype won’t tell you:

That endless content you are generating seems unique and amazing, but soon it all starts to sound the same. A million people just like you are asking GPT to “Write me a blog post about ________.”

The amount of generic GPT-generated content already on the internet is insane. (Don’t believe me? Look at this Google search.)

If you want stand out and not get hit by Google for duplicate or thin content, you need to make AI sound more human. It’s the smart way to do AI SEO.

What’s inside the GCD Basic Report:

  • Over 400 most frequently overused GPT words and phrases to avoid!
  • PDF Report and Excel data file
  • Prompting tips to get natural-sounding results
  • Recommended methods for applying the data to your content
  • Example Spintax starter template
  • Python text replacement code example

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[overused word examples]
continue to make significant strides
continue to push the boundaries
The GCD Basic Report contains lists of key phrases GPT overuses that can be filtered out or replaced.
There are several ways you can use a GCD Report. One method is via spintax, a common filtering and replacement format. A starter spintax list for you to customize is included in every report.

A data-based approach.

Using our custom analysis scripts, we’ve learned EXACTLY how GPT uses language and compiled it into our GCD Reports. The reports are your roadmap to what words and expressions to filter from your content to make it unrecognizable as AI-written.

It’s not enough to generate AI content for your blog or social media and edit out a few words that annoy you.

We’re all familiar with favorites like:

  • “In this article, we’ll explore…”
  • “Let’s delve into…”
  • “It’s important to note that…”
  • “In today’s fast-paced world…”

Or awkward titles, always with a colon:

  • “Golden Curls: Unveiling the Power of Hair Bleach”
  • “Fast and Heavy: Demystifying the Potential of V8 Engines”
  • “Unlocking Inspiration: Mastering Writer’s Block in Content Marketing”

What’s inside GCD Niche Reports:

  • Everything in the Basic report
  • Niche term frequency analysis:
    The top 500 terms GPT uses when writing about the niche
  • Topical frequency analysis:
    What topics GPT frequently chooses to write about within the niche
  • Readability metrics:
    Is GPT writing above your audience’s reading level?
Unfiltered N-gram Analysis

Payments are processed securely by Stripe. ZIP download containing PDF Report and an Excel sheet of data is available immediately upon purchase.

A GCD Niche Report is a powerful tool for differentiating your content from the competition. This is a data asset for those serious about SEO.

When GPT is asked to write about a topic repeatedly, patterns emerge. The same topics, similar headlines, the same sentences and phrases. You need to know how GPT talks about your subject area or your content will sound like everyone else!

Analysis in Progress. More Niches Coming Soon!

The making of a GCD Report

To understand how GPT uses language, we went straight to the source: OpenAI.

With time and testing, we have developed sampling scripts that generate large amounts of GPT-written articles using a number of basic prompts (e.g. “Write me a 1,000-word blog post about X” or “You are an expert writer, write a long and detailed article about X”).

We also use prompts to generate topics and headlines within each niche, thousands at a time.

By applying linguistic analysis to the resulting data, we can find the frequency and relations between all the words, effectively pinpointing all the most common phrases GPT uses when talking about a subject.

This is a map of all the poorly written GPT material that you are competing with, and you can use it to navigate around the competition and dominate your niche.

(Pssst… It also may be a tool for identifying “hidden” long-tail keywords – testing in progress…)